Upcoming Fall 2016 Jewelry Trends

The time has come again when we will say goodbye to some fashion trends and hello to others. The runways of Paris, New York, and everywhere in between have determined what’s hot and what’s not. So what about jewelry trends? Let’s take a closer look at what’s trending, shall we?

Hoop EarringsРAs far as the eye can see, hoops are here to stay! Within recent years, hoop earrings have evolved and held onto their spot in fashion. Hoops hold strong with all shapes, sizes, and materials, ranging from  circular 24 kt gold ones to chunky, feathered square hoops. Acceptable for work and play, to each his own for this trend.

Pearls– Definitely known as a timeless piece, a nice string of pearls should be every lady’s staple. In various lengths, lusters, colors, and sizes, pearls will absolutely never fail at dressing up or down your ensemble for any occasion.

Safety Pins– Safety pins are making their marks not only as a fashion tool, but also as a fashion statement. From small linked pin chains to gaudy, slide latch earrings, safety pins add a unique flare to your look. This may be new to the runway, but definitely not to a creative mind like mine!

Cuff Bracelets– These are offered in many varieties, styles, and thicknesses. The new trend is to actually wear the bracelet over the actual sleeve of a shirt or gloves. I’m not too sure how I feel about that one, but hey, it’s what’s hot!

Asymmetric Earrings- Gone are the days of matchy-matchy earrings! Enter the funky proportioned earrings! I guess it’s ok to pull out those broken earrings that have fallen into pieces and wear them proudly. You may just be inspiring a new look.

Over-sized Chokers-¬†Chokers have always been one of the things that you either hate or love. This season, if you’re into big jewelry, you’re going to love them. Dainty and feminine, not this time! Instead, we see more heavy, industrial and neck consuming pieces on the rise, making the term “choker’ quite literal!

There are so many more trends making a splash this season. Wearing a single earring, earrings that go across your ears, and Victorian styled jewelry are just a few more things that you’ll see more of this season. Whatever your individual taste calls for, go for it and wear it! More than likely you’ll find out that you are quite stylish without even trying to be!

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