This Jewelry Thing…

How It Started...This Jewelry Thing

The Dazzled Diva - Custom JewelryI have been called a diva for years, yet I don’t claim to be one. To me, a diva is a lady who has her entire everything together. I mean she has the perfect hair, makeup, shoes, purse, jewelry, sunglasses, and outfit at all times! Just a stunner! That is sooo not me. I’ve never been one who was trying to keep up with the latest trends or have the latest pair of shoes. I wasn’t raised that way and so as I got older, it became more apparent. I was a unique chick with her own style.

I prefer to be different and out of the box rather than following the newest fads. I have always liked nice looking things. It didn’t have to have an expensive price tag attached to it, or even have a popular brand name. It just had to look the way I envisioned nice to be. In steps in custom jewelry design…

How It All Started…

Jewelry has always been that nice looking thing that has caught my eye. All the colors, patterns, shapes, and sizes were exciting. It didn’t necessarily have to be the most expensive, just intriguing. It’s amazing how the right earrings or necklace can turn a rather plain t-shirt and jeans into a smart and sophisticated outfit. Just like that…poof!

And let’s not get into how the right length, style, and necklace can enhance a nice hairstyle and neckline of an outfit at the same time! Imagine the possibilities. Those are the things that go through my mind as I pick out different beads and jewels. Nothing is more exciting than getting that bundle of supplies, getting your workspace ready, and then pouring out all the colors, shapes and sizes onto a blank canvas and wait for the creation to commence! It’s very gratifying to put the finishing touches on a piece and say, “ That is off the hook and I did that!”

That’s my motivation…That’s custom jewelry design…That’s my thing….Thank you for supporting me on this journey!

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