Does the size of my necklace really matter?

statement necklaceThere are many thoughts that go through a person’s mind when they have to pair a necklace with an outfit. Most of the time the question is simply, “will this work?” Hmmm, good question! Will that necklace actually make or break the look you’re trying to achieve? There are a few things to take into consideration when selecting the right piece.


Firstly, you have to think about where you’re going. What event or occasion will you need to dress for? A piece that you would wear for a night out with the girls wouldn’t necessarily be the same that you would wear to a more formal event, so always know where you’re headed.


Secondly, you have to decide what the purpose is for the jewelry. What do I mean? I mean, do you want your jewelry to accentuate your neckline or bosom, or do you want a more subtle look? Do you want your eye to be immediately drawn to the piece, or do you simply want to compliment your outfit? To achieve a bolder look to bring attention to your piece, pick bigger, brighter, and bolder patterns. For a more simple and complimentary look, choose smaller pendants, single strand, and basic colored or patterned pieces.


Next, decide what color or material you want the necklace to be made of and how much you desire to spend. Sometimes when making purchases, you already know that it’s just something that you’ll wear and then afterward, who cares what happens to it! For those pieces, the price would generally be on the cheaper side, but if you even consider possibly wearing it more than once, you may want to get something that will last a little longer. Perhaps a nice pair of pearls or a nice necklace with crystals will lend itself to be more versatile and fit for several different wearing options.lady in black necklace


Lastly, the look, the length, the feel….make sure the like the way the jewelry looks. Pick it up and hold it close to your neck and see how it looks against your skin tone. Also, make sure it doesn’t look cheap. You may not have spent a boatload on it, but it doesn’t have to be obvious that you didn’t! Next, make sure you are comfortable with the length of the necklace.  Face shape and the cut of the neckline of your garments also come into play in this step. People with oval faces are often ones who can wear any length or style of necklace, but those with more heart shaped faced usually look better in short ones. Generally, between 10 and 14 inches will be close fitted and “choker” like. A normal length is usually around 16 to 18 inches. It will give you a looser fit and hang nicely above or just below the collarbone. Anything 28 inches and above will hang below the bust line and can even be wrapped around a few times for a draping multiple strand effect. Now after all that, how do you feel about it? Do you feel stunning and confident? Do you feel sassy and wild? Do you feel that you have it together? However you want to feel in your jewelry, make sure it is what you were hoping for. Play around with different sizes, lengths, and materials to make different looks.




7 thoughts on “Does the size of my necklace really matter?

  1. بوتاکس چیست؟ says:

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  2. بهترین برج های تهران + لیست 10تایی says:

    ما در این مطلب می خواهیم اطلاعاتی راجع به بهترین برج های تهران و ویژگی های آن در اختیار شما عزیزان قرار دهیم. یکی از آیتم هایی که در ارتفاعات چشم را به خود جذب می کند برج ها و ساختمان های لوکس و لاکچری است که در بالاترین ارتفاع هم به خوبی خودشان را نشان می دهند.

  3. بهترین جراح بینی says:

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  4. ترمیم بینی says:

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